Sunkrishna Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Rotary Pressure Joints, Various Types of Syphon Systems and related products.

We began our journey in 1974, when our charismatic founder Shri. Chandrakant N. Madhu, founded the SUN Engineering Industries. A ruthless focus on developing products that meet the unique demands of the Indian market, combined with an unwavering commitment towards customer satisfaction allowed us to establish ourselves as the leaders in the market.

Today, under the leadership of our Managing Director Mr. Nikhil C. Madhu, Sunkrishna Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has firmly established itself as the benchmark for product quality and after-sales service in the rotary pressure joint market.

Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Value for Money products are at the heart of our company and we are committed to bring in the new and latest technologies to keep serving our customers in the best way possible.

What do we do?

Sunkrishna Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is catering to various process industries such as Paper & Pulp, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Rubber, Chemicals, Plastics and Automotive Industry.

We provide Steam and Condensate systems for heating applications in process industries. We have expertise in manufacturing of Rotary Pressure Joints, Carbon Graphite Rings, Stationary and Rotating Syphon Systems, Steam Traps, Valves, Corrugated Flexible Hoses and related items.

Where is our presence?

Our commitment to adhere to the highest quality standards and to provide exceptional and unparalleled after-sales service has earned us the trust of 2000+ satisfied clients. We have a Pan-India presence through our extensive sales & service network that enables us to respond quickly to any and every need of our customers.

We also take immense pride in our international operations. We currently export our products to 11+ international locations including Canada, U.A.E., South Africa and Egypt. We are endeavoring to expand our global footprint by adding more locations to our export base in the coming years.

What are our core values?

Product Quality
To achieve International standards of quality by focusing on new and advanced manufacturing technologies along with a world class quality control process.
Customer Satisfaction
To provide industry leading services through a dedicated service team that understands the needs of the customer.
Value for Money
To create products that are affordable without compromising on the product quality, through constant design innovations and focusing on the specific needs of our customers.