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India's leading manufacturer
of Rotary Pressure Joints
and its related products.

Rotary Pressure Joint
Rotary Pressure Joint Model SKRSTFX with CNT Stationary Syphon System.
Rotary Pressure Joint
Rotary Pressure Joint Model LNAR with High Speed Rotating Syphon System
Carbon Rings
Carbon Graphite, Carbon Filled Teflon and Superior High Graded Carbon Rings for Rotary Pressure Joint and as per your Drawings.
Flexible Hoses
S.S Corrugated Steam Flexible Hose with S.S Single/Double Wire Over braided with both side End Connection as per requirement
Steam and Condensate System
Complete Steam and Condensate Systems as per your requirement.

About Sunkrishna Engineers

We are catering to various process industries, such as Paper & Pulp, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Rubber, Chemicals, Plastics and Automotive Industry.
We provide Steam and Condensate systems for heating applications in process industries. We have expertise in manufacturing of Rotary Pressure Joints, Carbon Graphite Rings, Stationary and Rotating Syphon Systems, Steam Traps, Valves, Corrugated Flexible Hoses and Related items.



Product Quality
To achieve International standards of quality by focusing on new and advanced manufacturing technologies along with a world class quality control process.

Customer Satisfaction
To provide industry leading services through a dedicated service team that understands the needs of the customer.

Value for Money
To create products that are affordable without compromising on the product quality, through constant design innovations and focusing on the specific needs of our customers.